Young, Beginning & Small

Young, beginning and small farmers and ranchers are important to the future of agriculture, and Western AgCredit is committed to providing them a source of constructive, competitive credit. The special financing programs we offer help young (under 35), beginning (less than 10 years of experience) and small (operators that generate less than $250,000 in annual gross sales of agriculture products) borrowers obtain the agricultural financing necessary for success in their operations.

beginning farmer loans
under 35
less than 10 years
less than $250,000

Due to the circumstances of young and beginning operators, often they may not qualify for the same rate a more established farmer or rancher receives. In order to help these operators, Western AgCredit gives an allowance on loan approval standards so they can qualify for a better interest rate. There are also government guarantees that young and beginning operators can obtain which may provide a decreased interest rate.

Western AgCredit also invests money into scholarship programs and sponsors activities and organizations that educate young farmers and ranchers to help ensure they have the tools necessary to effectively manage their operations.