Governance Opportunities

As a financial cooperative, Western AgCredit provides its member stockholders the opportunity to have a voice in Association governance by participating in Board of Director and Nominating Committee elections annually. Members can nominate and vote for qualified candidates who have a desire to work with Association leadership to help Western AgCredit fulfill its vision and mission.

The 2021 Director Election Results

Through the nomination process, the Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting at least two director candidates to include on the ballot for each region with an open director position. Directors are typically elected to four-year terms. In a case where a director resigns his or her position prior to the term expiring, the elected candidate will serve the remainder of that term.

The Committee also reviews nominations and selects candidates for the next year's Nominating Committee. Four candidates from each region are included on the voting ballot. Committee members are elected to a one-year term.

Elected Directors

Region 1

Kim Haws

  • Incumbent Director
  • Re-elected to a 4-year term

Region 2

Scott Wayment

  • Incumbent Director
  • Re-elected to a 4-year term

Region 3

Kathryn (Kate) Nye

  • New Director
  • Elected to a 3-year term

See the Directorship page for qualifications and responsibilities.

Elected Nominating Committee Members

Region 1

Tony M. Zollinger

Region 2

Grant N. Richins

Region 3

Scott Johnson

Region 4

Janalee Woods

See the Nominating Committee page for qualifications.

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