Interest Rates

Interest Rate & Term Options

We offer a full menu of competitive and flexible interest rate options to fit the financing needs of your farm or ranch. Most of our interest rate options also include a patronage rebate which further reduces your effective interest rate on your agriculture loan. Choose from annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payment schedules and amortizations between 1-30 years. Our standard loans have no balloon payments so you won't be forced to renew or refinance at a later date when rates could be higher.

Select an interest rate option that best meets your agricultural financing needs, or contact us for more information and current rates.


Variable rates for our agriculture loans are based on a number of factors including our cost of money from a blend of sources and competitive pricing information. The rate is set monthly, or less often if no changes occur, and will reflect general trends and changes in the money market. All of our variable rate loans are fully-prepayable and amortized term loans can be converted to a fixed rate product at any time without cost, allowing you flexibility to respond to market conditions.

Prime Based Rates

Rates are tied directly to a predetermined spread over the prime rate. Rate adjusts immediately in response to changes in the prime rate as it moves up or down.

Fixed to Expiration Rates

Fixed to expiration rates allow you to lock in a rate for a period of time, less than the full maturity of the loan. You can lock a rate for any period between 1-29 years – up to the maturity of the loan. Fixed to expiration rates are typically lower than fully fixed rates and help protect you from rate increases. At the end of the period, the loan reverts to a variable-rate loan. You can then elect to re-lock the interest rate for the remaining term of the loan, another fixed to expiration period or remain on variable. At the maturity of the lock there is no cost to select another option, giving you added savings and flexibility.

Fixed Rates

Rates are locked for the life of the loan, providing a safeguard against market fluctuations. You can lock in your rate for the full terms of the loan – up to 30 years.

Farm equipment Loans – We offer fixed rates on equipment loans in 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 year maturities.

Rate Conversions

Most of our loans include conversion options. This allows you to change from one interest rate product to another to provide the flexibility needed for your operation and to take advantage of market trends. Some conversion options are only available during specific periods and may carry a fee but are still generally less costly than refinancing. Contact us for more information.

Funds Held Account

Increase your return on cash through our Funds Held account feature. Cash deposits can be made in an amount up to the total commitment of your loan balances. Deposited funds earn a very competitive interest rate and are available for withdraw at any time. For more information on our Funds Held account click here.

Patronage Program

Western AgCredit is a cooperative owned by the farmers and ranchers that borrow money from the association. As such, profits are shared with customers through a cooperative patronage program. Patronage is paid to eligible farmers and ranchers based on the amount of their net interest margin, effectively reducing the cost of doing business with us! For more information on our patronage program click here.

Custom Loans

Custom loans offer a reduced interest rate in exchange for a loan origination fee and do not participate in the patronage program. This interest rate program is designed to provide an “apples to apples” interest rate comparison to commercial lenders who do not provide a patronage rebate. A custom loan is available for variable and fixed interest rate products noted above.

The Association reserves the right to change, add, or delete programs, or limit participation in various programs as necessary. It also reserves the right to make these changes with or without notice as may be required by existing regulations.

For current rates and credit services, contact a loan officer at any of our locations.