CashManager is designed especially for America's rural businesses. The convenient online tools associated with this service can save you both time and money.

Deposit Money Quickly and Easily

CashManager allows you to get quicker access to your funds. You can set-up to scan checks for deposit at your location, reducing the number of trips you make to the bank and reducing delays on having those funds available for your use.

Automatic Loan Sweeps

An automatic sweep fund can be established to reduce or increase your loan balance on a daily basis depending on the amount of funds deposited or drawn.

Balance Accounts

We can help you reconcile your CashManager account each month by providing either a Paid List of your cleared checks, or a Full Reconciliation Report that includes your issued, paid and outstanding checks. These online reports can be supplemented with a data file that can be uploaded to your accounting system to automate your reconciliation process.

Disbursement Solutions

With CashManager disbursement solutions, you get just-in-time funding of your payments from your CashManager account. This will help to keep your loan balance lower.

Please contact your loan officer to get more information or to enroll in CashManager.