Linda Owen
Receptionist/Accounting Assistant

In May of 2014, Linda Owen joined the Western AgCredit team as a Receptionist and Accounting Assistant. Linda is excited about the opportunity her role gives her to combine her customer service experience with her love for numbers and past accounting experience.

Linda has worked for large employers such as the U.S. Post Office, American Express and At one time, she managed a graveyard shift of customer service representatives before starting in the accounting field. Linda is just a few classes short of completing her bachelor’s degree from BYU, and her goal is to complete this when time permits.

Linda and her husband, Bob, live in near Cottonwood High School in Salt Lake. They have six children and 11 grandchildren. Linda enjoys spending time with her family and supporting her grandchildren in their activities. She also enjoys going to live sporting events, cross stitching, sewing, crochet and acting.