Your Board of Directors

Western AgCredit is a financial cooperative owned by its member-customer stockholders and governed by a 10-member board of directors. The board meets monthly and provides overall direction to the organization's leadership. Stockholders participate in annual director elections for open governance positions.

Our 10-member Board includes:

  • 8 Member Directors elected by voting stockholder
  • 2 Outside Directors appointed by the Board based on their professional expertise who are not stockholders or borrowers of the Farm Credit System

As your Board of Directors, what do we do?

The board is responsible for providing oversight and strategic direction to senior management. The Board of Director Charter was developed to bring clarity and focus to key board composition and process areas that support the Board’s leadership and oversight role in the accomplishment of the Association mission:

"To provide the most dependable source of constructive credit and related services to agriculture and the rural community."

The Board’s primary functions include:

About Your Directors

The board of directors are local farmers & ranchers elected from our membership. Learn more about our current directors below.

Ted Andrew, Chairman

  • Director since 2010
  • Term Expires: 2023
  • Region 1 - Cache County

Wayne A. Smith, Vice-Chairman

  • Director since 2000
  • Term Expires: 2022
  • Region 4 - Iron County

Kim Haws, Member Director

  • Director since 2003
  • Term Expires: 2021
  • Region 1 - Cache County

Klynt Heaton, Member Director

  • Director since 2020
  • Term Expires: 2024
  • Region 4 - Kane County

Richard Nielson, Member Director

  • Director since 2003
  • Term Expires: 2023
  • Region 3 - Sanpete County

Robert Johnson, Member Director

  • Director since 1998
  • Term Expires: 2024
  • Region 2 - Rich County

Scott Wayment, Member Director

  • Director since 2011
  • Term Expires: 2021
  • Region 2 - Weber County

LaDell Eyre, Outside Director

  • Director since 2005
  • Term Expires: 2021

Shirelle Erb, Outside Director

  • Director since 2005
  • Term Expires: 2024

Board Committees

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Nominating Committee

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